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Hello, and welcome to Hospitality Quotient!

We believe that welcome is the most powerful word in hospitality, especially when accentuated by an exclamation point. And so we're here to welcome you! — when you're ready.

Are you here on the Hospitality Quotient (HQ) home page because

You think your company culture is good—but it could be even better?

You want to hire exclamation points (even if you’re not quite sure what that means)?

You want every customer’s interaction with you and your team to be a positive and uplifting one?

If you answered yes to all these, you are definitely ready.

What is HQ?

Hospitality Quotient is the leadership development program we use for our own teams, and for companies like yours.

For you, that means sitting at a table together and discussing what’s working well for you, what could be working better, and sharing how we at USHG have faced similar challenges and found hospitality-based solutions (sometimes the hard way).

Come for the stories, stay for the snacks, and go home ready to make real change.

Golden Rules of Enlightened Hospitality

  • Work hard and be nice to people
  • Don't think for me, ask me what I want
  • It's all about how you show up

How HQ works

We believe that hospitality is a business differentiator and recognize that its significance—higher employee and customer engagement, top-line growth – is universal: from banks to hospitals, retail stores to nonprofits. Our HQ team will show you how the power of Enlightened Hospitality can take you or your team from great to exceptional.

Sign up for an open class as an individual, choose from one of three private sessions for your team, or collaborate with us to customize a One-Size-Fits-One plan.

Classes for the Individual/Small Groups

Select one of our comprehensive workshops tailored for the individual or smaller groups. Become immersed in the Union Square Hospitality Group Culture, learn how to foster loyalty among all stakeholders by putting employees first, or build hospitality into your hiring practices. 

 Foundational tools, strategies and goal setting for applying the principles of hospitality to business practices

 Max Class Size – 30

 In-Person in New York

View Current Classes

Group Workshop Option A

Hospitality as a Business Differentiator

Our executive team will sit down with yours to listen, learn, swap stories, and set out strategies for incorporating the key principles of Enlightened Hospitality into your business.

 Learn the six core principles of Enlightened Hospitality, plus six more of your choosing

 Half Day: Virtual (4 hours) or in-person (4 hours plus lunch or dinner)

 Signed copy of Setting the Table for each participant

 For groups up to 20 

Fee: $18,500

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Group Workshop Option B

Hiring for Hospitality (The 100%er)

Build hospitality into your hiring process. From recruiting strategies and behavioral-based interviewing techniques to onboarding processes, we will share specific practices used by Union Square Hospitality Group to apply in your own organization.

 Learn what it means to hire for the 100%

 Half Day

 For groups up to 20

Fee: $18,500

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Group Workshop Option C 

All-Day Immersive

Light the fire of change within your senior leadership team with this inspiring and immersive deep dive. Based on your unique goals, we select members of our C-Suite to lead an all-day, collaborative session that empowers your team to initiate change within your organization’s culture. This is a customizable experience based on your organization’s needs.

 White Board Session

 All-Day Immersion

 In-person, New York City

Pricing to be determined based on customizable curriculum and group size

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Customize your program

At HQ we understand the one-size-fits one. Contact us to inquire about customized programming.

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Bring the power of enlightened hospitality to your business

We can’t wait to create a culture of hospitality together.

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