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At Union Square Hospitality Group, our mission is to enrich lives through the power of Enlightened Hospitality. This unique approach puts our employees first because we believe that attracting, hiring, and nurturing the right people is what sets our businesses apart. We aim to find “51%ers”, individuals who embody our Family Values of Excellence, Hospitality, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and Integrity.

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Our Mission

We exist to enrich lives through the power of Enlightened Hospitality.


The Virtuous Cycle of Enlightened Hospitality

There are five primary stakeholders to whom we express our most caring hospitality, and in whom we take the greatest interest. The Virtuous Cycle is activated by taking care of Each Other first and shapes the way we do business:

We care for each other

We care for our guests

We care for our community

We care for our vendors

We care for our shareholders

Explore career opportunities with USHG

Our Beliefs

At USHG, what we do (our purpose) is to Extend Enlightened Hospitality, and how we do that is guided by our beliefs. 

Hospitality is a team sport

where everyone deserves an opportunity to thrive and belong. We play to win with humble confidence.

Center the salt shaker

with an unwavering commitment to the excellence and the values that matter most.

Bring a charitable assumption

and err on the side of generosity.

Turn over the rocks

and always be connecting dots to build uplifting experiences and relationships.

Write a great next chapter.

The road to sucess is paved with mistakes well-handled.

Leave our campsite better than we found it;

always responsible for the impact of our wake.