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The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business

In this landmark book, Danny Meyer shares the lessons he’s learned in his years in the restaurant business. From the opening night at Union Square Cafe to the evolution of Shake Shack, and everything in between, Danny writes with good humor about the wonderful successes and humbling mistakes he’s experienced along the way.

Full of behind-the-scenes history on the creation of Danny’s most famous restaurants and the anecdotes, advice, and lessons he has accumulated throughout his life and career, Setting the Table is a treasure trove of insights that apply to any business or organization.

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What Inspires me

"In every business, there are employees who are the first point of contact with the customers (attendants at airport gates, receptionists at doctors' offices, bank tellers, executive assistants). Those people can come across either as agents or as gatekeepers. An agent makes things happen for others. A gatekeeper sets up barriers to keep people out. In that transaction, did I present myself as an agent or a gatekeeper? In the world of hospitality, there's rarely anything in between." – Danny Meyer

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